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If you’re a small or growing business, we can guarantee you’re going to need to start spreading brand awareness. We’re here to tell you your next step is to use display stands for expos. Quality product and services, even great customer care, isn’t enough on its own to get sales coming in.

Why though, you must be asking. It’s elementary! No one knows you exist. They may not have the right idea about what you offer. Why should they choose you over a competitor? You know these answers, but they don’t. You want to take up a position in the mind of the consumer. If you sell super soft socks, they need to think of you first when they want comfortable socks.

Even awareness amongst other businesses is beneficial. If someone comes to your store asking for a product you don’t have, referring them to someone gives you an advantage. Certainly, you don’t make a sale, but the customer will consider you helpful, and will definitely come back or make others aware of what you do have. Other businesses will do the same if they know you and your offering.

“So what do I do now?” you must be crying out in exasperation. Fret not! We have a suggestion to have you up and running.


Using Display Stands for Expos:

South Africa is a hub of small, start-up and growing businesses. And thus, there are many expos out there for small and start-up businesses, even those looking to start their business. These are massive expos, and it’s extremely beneficial to book a spot at one of these expos to show off what you’re made of and what you’re bringing to the table.

Here’s where display stands for expos come in. You’re going to want to decorate your expo space with branded banners, racks to hold booklets, shelves for products, desks, and other display stands to spread professionalism, brand personality and awareness to potential viewers. It’s also informative, and makes it easier for you to chat to viewers and explain your offerings.

The best part about display stands is that they are easy to set up and take down, and can be reused again at your next expo or wherever you happen to set up your display, like in malls. Display stands are manufactured from durable plastic which ensures quality at an affordable price, which is ideal for the budget of a small business. They are built to last, durable, consisting of 3 tiers. Corex plastic is also waterproof, allowing you to set up your display inside or outside.

The corex board that makes up the display is printed single sided or double sided depending on where your stand will be placed and the exposure it will be getting. When planning your expo space work around primary colours for the display stand, since displays can only be printed in mixes made of the primary colours. Your logo or branding material is printed in full colour onto a vinyl sticker which is this applied to corex board which will make it outlined and fully visible with the invisible background.

With the technicalities out of the way, you can start planning for your first expo, or simply attend the one to see what others are doing! We have some suggestions for using display stands for expos:

Both of these expos are great for getting out there, but if you don’t want to wait, renting a display space in any mall is an excellent way to reach the public directly. And now that you have the rundown on display stands and expo spaces, we’re sure you’re ready to get out there and get people talking about your business.

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