Promoting Events with Flyers

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Nowadays people immediately head to online platforms and social media to promote their events, functions, exhibitions and more. They seem to have forgotten that promoting events with flyers is one of THE best ways of marketing.

You might be wondering why we are saying this and that is what we are here to do – help your business grow through both our products, services and tips and advice from the very best in the industry.

Flyers are so versatile and you can get super creative with them, so if you were considering cancelling them out, you can go ahead and add them right back to the top of your priority list, because promoting events with flyers has not gone out of fashion!

Why Promoting Events with Flyers is a good idea:

  • Easily reach your target audience

When it comes to online promotions, a lot of people will be reached, but not necessarily as many as you possibly could – believe it or not, there are a lot of people who are NOT on social media all day every day or even at all!

With flyers, you can directly target people in the following ways:

-Door to door mail drop

-Newspaper insert

-Street distribution

-In-store distribution

  • You can get really creative

This is the fun part – creating the flyer and building the best outcome. You can brainstorm and think of new ideas at an endless rate, but the ultimate goal is to have it stand out. Use colours, big words and good designs, but ALWAYS remember to keep it simple and professional. You want to grab people’s attention, not create chaos.

  • It is a tangible object

Yet again, when it comes to online, people might forget about what they saw/read and not be able to find it again. But, with flyers it is an object that your customers will physically be holding in their hands. Chances are that if they want to refer back to it, it will be a lot easier than having to go search for an article or ad on Facebook!

  • It is measurable

Believe it or not, but you can actually measure the amount of success you get from your flyers.

How? We’re glad you asked..

Coupon codes!

By adding these to your flyers, you can see exactly how many people were reached and how successful your promotion and event turned out. You can also tell how many people were made aware of your event via the flyers you have created.

Got an event coming up? Need some promotion? Contact us TODAY to get started with your flyer design and printing – we offer top quality end products and amazing customer service throughout the process.


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