Signage through Beach Umbrellas

branded beach umbrella

Summer Sun and Branding Fun – Signage through Beach Umbrellas.


Summer is bearing down upon us, and we’re certain everyone is excited for the sun, the beach, the water, the ice cream. And let’s not forget the branded beach umbrellas!

We can just picture it now. Children frollicking in the shallows, body boarders and surfers riding waves, sun tanners glowing in tanning oil and families enjoying lunch under umbrellas. Lots and lots of umbrellas. Yes, your branded beach umbrella belongs here, this is what it was made for!

And what better way to advertise than to enjoy the day out yourself. Or even better, provide some helpful service on a hot weekend. With a well-placed investment, you can spread your brand all across the beach. The whole beach is your billboard.

Let’s get right into it. There’s always that family or beach goer that didn’t bring their umbrella with them. It’s hot, the sun is beating down on them, even the sand beneath them has grown unbearably hot to the touch. Even worse, they may not have sunblock. Skin cancer is the most prominent form of cancer in South Africa, and for a reason too. It’s ingrained into most South Africans to feel invincible in the face of harmful UV rays. So, many of them wander home, gingerly, with 3rd degree scolds from head to toe. Ouch!

This is where you come in. Behold, your box full of branded umbrellas, your signage printed on their surfaces with pride, your company colours standing out boldly. If you’re a big name company with the bucks to make it rain, handing them out for free to potential sunburn victims is an option. If not, worry not, renting out your umbrellas is a pretty neat way to bring in some extra cash. But it’s not about the cash. The brand awareness itself is far more important than the minor income you’ll attain from umbrella rentals on a beach day.

You see, your assistance will mean more to that tourist who isn’t going to buy a beach umbrella for their short stay here. It will mean more to that poor soul whose wife hasn’t stopped reminding him about his forgetful nature. It will mean more to the steadily reddening holiday makers desperate not to spend the next few weeks feeling medium to well done. Your brand will become a symbol of grace and compassion, of helpfulness and strength in the face of adversity! They’ll think back to your brand as the brand that made their day at the beach everything they wanted it to be.

Now doesn’t that sound fantastic? We sure think so. Even if you only rent/give away a few, it will already make a substantial difference. Even if it’s just you and your family enjoying a day off, your branded umbrella will stand out amongst the crowd.

It’s well worth the investment, and with the right precautions, you can keep all of your branded umbrellas for the next beach day.

If this seems like the next big advertising move for you, we offer a dedicated beach umbrella printing service. Printed in full colour, plain or fully branded. Your signage can be printed on a few panels, or on all 8 of them. They are lightweight and portable, with a mild steel pole and poly plastic panels. For a reasonable price you can print your ideal beach umbrellas.

So take the next step in your Summer advertising campaign and have your branded beach umbrella printed. Take to the beaches of Muizenberg, Clifton, Simon’s Town, Blouberg and Melkbosstrand to make a lot of people happy, or to just enjoy a well-deserved break under some signed shade.

We’re happy to assist you in your dream, and your business will thank you for it. If you have any questions in regards to our services, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to hear from current or potential clients!

Have a great day at the beach, and remember to bring your sunblock!

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