How to: Design a successful banner wall


Using banners for advertising, marketing and brand awareness is a great way to go about it, but are you aware of how to design a successful banner wall?

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If you’re not too sure about where and how to use a banner wall, click here to read the post we did that covers this topic for you.

Before we get to that though, surely you need to know how to design a successful banner wall in order for it to do its job, otherwise, your efforts might just go to waste!

Let’s get started.


Successful Banner Wall: Tips and Tricks

What is the purpose?

This is the most important aspect when it comes to designing a successful banner wall.

You need to know exactly what you want to get out of this form of marketing.

Is it to create brand awareness? Is it to make people aware of a new product launching soon?

This question will determine exactly what your banner wall should display.

Grab people’s attention

No matter what your answer was to the top question, you need to design something that is going to catch people’s attention. Not just visually, but also with wording.

It needs to be interesting, intriguing and unique enough to not only catch the eye, but to be remembered afterwards – this is how you get people to convert into customers.


Simplicity is key

Have you ever ended up on a website that had a lot of spam on it? Ads everywhere, almost every colour of the rainbow, words overcrossing each other and all that?

Your immediate reaction is: chaos, so let’s leave the site!

People can react the same way to a banner if it has too much going on.

So, keep your design simple yet effective.

Keep your clients in mind

When it comes to designing a successful banner wall, you need to remember WHO you are designing it for – yourself or your potential customers?

You need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think what would THEY want to see? What would intrigue them? And once you can answer these questions, base your design on that!


Stick to your brand

When designing a banner wall, you want to stick to the things that people associate your brand with.
What we mean by this is that you need to use the same colour scheme, the same font and the same form of marketing that people recognize you as.

This way, they will associate it, trust it and be more reluctant to see what it is all about.

Now that you have some more tips and tricks for designing a successful banner wall, why not contact us today in order to get started?

Our team here at Budget Banners would love to assist you in this process!

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