Tips for Designing Signboards

Have you ever walked into a big office space or even a public space where you felt completely lost?

You had no idea where to go and your only option was to ask for directions?

You’re not alone in this one! This has happened to most of us and probably on countless occasions, too.

Either there simply are no signboards or they are so small it looks like a spec on the wall.

Having proper signing done – inside and outside your business – is a very important aspect. It can add to either a great or terrible experience for your customers.

In order to avoid any confusion, we have come to provide you with our top tips for designing signboards.


Our top 5 tips for designing signboards

Size and scale:

If you are putting up a sign somewhere, it is probably to inform people about something and this would mean that you want it to be read from a distance.

There is no point in putting up a sign if you can only read it with your nose basically against the wall.

Think about the purpose of the sign and then proceed to decide on both the size of the board and the text or image that will be going on it.


The location

This is just as important as the first factor. The background against which you’ll be placing your sign plays a big role in the design and other aspects of it.

You need to make sure that the sign can be noticed easily and stands out.

Think about borders on the sign, the colour of the text, the background colour and much more!

Maybe print it out on paper to test it first before making a final decision.


Colour and graphics

Remember to always keep your brand in mind when designing signboards. You want to keep it similar to the colour you generally use as well as the look and feel of it. If your offices are elegant, then you don’t want signs that are funky and chaotic.

Always compliment your already existing traits.


The font

When it comes to the actual text, you want to keep it as simple as possible – especially if there will be quite a lot of it such as informational boards.

Using different fonts can be confusing to the eye and completely put people off from reading it.

You also don’t want to stuff too many words next to each other. Space it out nicely – the easier it is to read, the better!


Create contrast

When it comes to a sign, the most important thing on it is the text or the symbol, right?

For this very reason you want to create contrast between the background and what is on top of it.

If you use a blue background, you don’t want to use another shade of blue or a colour such as purple. It makes the text harder to read and can bring frustration to the consumer.

Now that you have some of the best tips for designing signboards, why not contact us today to get started?

We offer top quality signage in full colour along with custom sizes and different materials!

Say it right the first time by trusting in our top of the range customer services as well as end products.

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